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Wild Geranium (Geranium maculatum)

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Ships April to May 2024
Item #:
Ships April to May 2024
Ornamental Perennials


Herbaceous, eastern North American perennial
Description:  Lavender-pink, five-petaled flowers in spring; foliage turns burgundy in fall
Habit:  Forms a spreading groundcover in the garden to 18 inches high and wide
Culture:  Grow in humus-rich soil and a shady to sunny location; tolerates somewhat dry conditions
Hardiness:  Cold hardy to USDA Zone 3
Origin:  North America
Attributes:  Fall color, Drought tolerant, Deer resistant, Attracts butterflies
Jefferson Documented

In his New England Rarities (1672), John Josselyn called the Wild Geranium "Raven's-Claw," and in 1814 Frederick Pursh noted the name "Alum-root, on account of the astringent taste of the roots."  Its name derives from geranos, the Greek word for crane, alluding to the long beak of the seed.  While in France in 1786, Thomas Jefferson requested plants of this species from the nursery of Quaker botanist John Bartram, Jr. to share with his many Parisian friends.  Wild Geranium grows abundantly in the forests of Monticello today and is not attractive to deer.

Arrives in a 1 quart pot.

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