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West Indian Gherkin Seeds (Cucumis anguria)

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Item #:
Usually ships in 2-3 business days.


Harvested from the gardens at Monticello.
The 'gerki'n, which bears many small, cucumber-like fruits covered in blunt spines, was a common crop in the Monticello vegetable garden. Thomas Jefferson recommended it to his brother, Randolph, in 1813: "The season being over for planting everything but the Gerkin. It is that by which we distinguish the very small pickling cucumber". This was likely the West Indian Gherkin, a native of Africa brought to the Caribbean through the slave trade, then reputedly introduced from Jamaica in 1792 by Richmond seed merchant Minton Collins.
Jefferson-documented: This plant was documented by Thomas Jefferson in his Garden Book, Notes on the State of Virginia, or other writings.

Native Distribution: Southern Africa

Directly West Indian Gherkin sow seeds into a consistently moist nutrient rich soil, The vigorous vines benefit from a support structure. Harvest when 1"-2" around for eating fresh, cooking or pickling. Approximately 25 seeds per packet.


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