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Virginia Stewartia (Stewartia malacodendron)

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Sold out for the season.
Item #:
Sold out for the season.
Trees & Shrubs


Hardy, deciduous, native shrub or small tree
Description:  Pure white, 2-3”, camellia-like blossoms with showy centers (dark purple filaments with bluish anthers) in early summer; leaves are deeply veined and have silky undersides; yellow fall color
Habit:  Grows 8-12’ tall and wide; multi-stemmed; flowers on old wood
Culture:  Prefers well-drained, acidic, humus-rich soil and partial shade with morning sun
Hardiness:  Cold hardy to USDA Zone 7

The Stewartias are a small but valuable genus of ornamentals in the Tea Family and are closely related to Camellias. S. malacodendron, a lovely native species cultivated since 1752, is largely found in the coastal plain from Virginia south to Florida and west to Texas. Madame de Tessé, writing to Jefferson in 1788, requested this species along with a number of other American native plants and seeds; the next day, Jefferson wrote an acquaintance in Virginia asking that the plants and seeds be sent to him in France where he was serving as Minister.

Arrives in a 1 gallon pot.

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