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Long-leaved Speedwell (Veronica longifolia)

Item #:
Shipping early September to mid-October
Item #:
Shipping early September to mid-October
Ornamental Perennials


Summer flowering herbaceous perennial
Description:  Showy terminal spikes of lavender-blue, funnel-shaped flowers; dark green, slender, lance-shaped leaves
Habit:  Grows 3-4' high, in flower, and 2-3' wide; clump forming, upright habit
Culture:  Prefers full sun to part shade and moist to wet soil conditions
Hardiness:  Cold hardy to USDA Zone 4
Origin:  Europe, Asia
Attributes:  Attracts butterflies, bees and hummingbirds. Rabbit and deer resistant. Cut flower

Long-leaved Speedwell (Veronica longifolia) is a showy garden perennial, native to central and northeastern Europe to southwest Asia, Korea, and China, that has been cultivated in gardens since the 1730's.  Veronica is a large, diverse Eurasian genus with over 250 species.  Long-leaf Speedwell is a good cut-flower and useful in the perennial border or meadow plantings.  The flowers are attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies.


Long-leaved Speedwell (Veronica longifolia) arrives in a 3.5" pot.

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