Wall Décor

Artwork at Monticello embodied Jefferson’s interests and achievements and reflected his immense curiosity. It included family portraits, portraits of American notables such as Washington, maps, images of natural and man-made wonders, art and sculptures. Add style and personality to any room in your house with our unique selection of wall décor. Find Monticello exclusives like our wall bracket shelves and Declaration of Independence reproductions.
Monticello Concave MirrorQuick look
Personalized Hometown Map PrintQuick look
Monticello Framed ArtQuick look
French Glass Wall ClockQuick look
Thomas Jefferson Framed 1800 Portrait by Rembrandt PealeQuick look
Jefferson's Canons of Conduct Framed PrintQuick look
Portraits of the Founding FathersQuick look
Vintage Key Metal HooksQuick look
Declaration of Independence by TrumbullQuick look
Framed Declaration of IndependenceQuick look
SALE PRICE: $49.99
Jefferson Portrait by Saint-MéminQuick look
Audubon Songbird ClockQuick look
"I Cannot Live Without Books" PlaqueQuick look
Chippendale-Style MirrorQuick look
Monticello Joinery BracketQuick look
Banjo Weather StationQuick look
University of Virginia Rotunda Giclée PrintQuick look
Writing of the Declaration PrintQuick look
Thomas Jefferson Framed Portrait by Charles Willson PealeQuick look
Thomas Jefferson Framed 1805 Portrait by Rembrandt PealeQuick look
Jefferson West Point PortraitQuick look
The View of the West Front of MonticelloQuick look
Drafting the Declaration SilhouetteQuick look
Italian Wall ClockQuick look
"I cannot live without books" Inlaid PlaqueQuick look
Pineapple Welcome PlaqueQuick look
Monticello Hanging BookshelfQuick look
Mahogany Pediment MirrorQuick look
Monticello Oval MirrorQuick look
Arched Bird MirrorQuick look
Convex Federal MirrorQuick look
Federal Bull’s-Eye MirrorQuick look
Canvas Declaration of IndependenceQuick look
Canvas ConstitutionQuick look
Parchment Declaration of Independence (unframed)Quick look
Monticello in the Snow Framed PrintQuick look
Bull Nose Pepper Matted PrintQuick look
Scarlet Runner Bean Matted PrintQuick look
Long Red Cayenne Pepper Matted PrintQuick look
Cherokee Purple Tomato Matted PrintQuick look
Corn Poppy Matted PrintQuick look
Cockscomb Matted PrintQuick look
Pot Marigold Matted PrintQuick look
Globe Amaranth Matted PrintQuick look
Painted Lady Sweet Pea Matted PrintQuick look
Skeleton Wall ClockQuick look
SALE PRICE: $299.99
Monticello "Try All Things" Barn Board SignQuick look
SALE PRICE: $69.99
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Each item will be wrapped and charged individually. You cannot elect to have multiple quantities wrapped together when ordering through our website. If you wish to do so, please call us at 1-800-243-1743 to place your order.

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