Add a distinctive touch to your living room or bedroom with our selection of glass, porcelain, ceramic and metal table lamps. For softer light and a decorative accent, shop our selection of candle holders, candle lanterns, and wall candle sconces. Find a variety of decorative and scented candles, traditional Monticello bayberry tapers and a Jefferson inspired mahogany candle box for storage.
Pinecone Tealight LanternQuick look
Blue & White Porcelain Column LampQuick look
Brass Octagonal Base 3" CandlestickQuick look
Floral Canister LampQuick look
Antique Brass Desk LampQuick look
Blue Tea Caddy LampQuick look
French Gold Geometric-Patterned Porcelain LampQuick look
Scrolled Two-light CandleholderQuick look
Porcelain Box LampQuick look
Virginia Tea Jar LampQuick look
Fruit and Bird Porcelain Tea Jar LampQuick look
Tobacco Leaf Porcelain LampQuick look
SALE PRICE: $99.99
Brass Pineapple LampQuick look
Chinoiserie LampQuick look
Blue Canton LampQuick look
Porcelain Vase LampQuick look
Onion Bottle LampQuick look
Brass Vase LampQuick look
Porcelain Octagonal Jar LampQuick look
Jade and Brass Vase LampQuick look
Holiday Lights HurricanesQuick look
Red Carriage Lantern (Large)Quick look
Red Carriage Lantern (Small)Quick look
Wine Bottle CandleholderQuick look
Monticello Copper LanternQuick look
Red Glitter Tree Taper CandlesQuick look
Harvest Corn Taper CandlesQuick look
Monticello Bayberry CandlesQuick look
Monticello Beeswax CandlesQuick look
Mahogany Candle BoxQuick look
Beeswax Taper CandlesQuick look
Mulled Cider Pillar CandleQuick look
Brass Window CandleQuick look
Black LED Window Candle Quick look
Brass French Horn CandlestickQuick look
Brass Octagonal Base 3" CandlestickQuick look
Brass Octagonal Base 5" CandlestickQuick look
Brass Beehive 7 ½" CandlestickQuick look
Brass Beehive 10" CandlestickQuick look
Cast Iron Taper HolderQuick look
Tall Pumpkin Candle LanternQuick look
Shadwell Wrought Iron ChandelierQuick look
Taper Candle RemoteQuick look
LED Indoor/Outdoor Pillar Candle 3" x 4"Quick look
LED Indoor/Outdoor Pillar Candle 3" x 5"Quick look
Sage of Monticello Scented CandleQuick look
Founding Farmer Scented CandleQuick look
French Vanilla 6" Pillar CandleQuick look
French Vanilla 3" Pillar CandleQuick look
French Vanilla Pillar CandleQuick look
Flameless Pillar Candle SetQuick look
Vanilla Scented Flameless Candle 5"Quick look
Luminara Flameless Candles RemoteQuick look
Flameless Outdoor Pillar Candle 5"Quick look
Flameless 7" Outdoor Pillar CandleQuick look
Flameless Brass Candle LampQuick look
Flameless Brass Taper CandleQuick look
Flameless Bronze Taper CandleQuick look
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We will wrap your gift in white gift paper, trimmed with red Jefferson signature ribbon and a bow, and include a hand written gift message. The charge is $6.95 per item.

Each item will be wrapped and charged individually. You cannot elect to have multiple quantities wrapped together when ordering through our website. If you wish to do so, please call us at 1-800-243-1743 to place your order.

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