Jefferson was a connoisseur with an eye for fine design, purchasing a great deal of glassware over his lifetime. Our exclusive Monticello crystal stemware is based on a rare original from his collection. In 1810 he designed the now famous Jefferson cup. Our collection includes pewter Jefferson cups and sterling silver reproductions of the original. They make great engraved gifts!
Crystal Cordial GlassesQuick look
Monticello Stemware: Wine GlassQuick look
Pewter Jefferson CupQuick look
Monticello "Rebellion" Ale TankardQuick look
Rocking Whiskey GlassesQuick look
Compact Steel Cocktail Multi ToolQuick look
Monticello Quote MugsQuick look
Acrylic Glassware SetQuick look
Monticello Wine Quote DecanterQuick look
Blue Crystal Ice BucketQuick look
Blue Crystal Set of 4 Double Old Fashioned GlassesQuick look
Acrylic Wine GlassQuick look
Personalized Pewter Baby CupQuick look
Monticello Stemware: Champagne FluteQuick look
Monticello Stemware: CordialQuick look
Monticello Toasting Flutes Gift SetQuick look
Monticello Hand-Blown Glass DecanterQuick look
Monticello "Necessary" Wine GlassQuick look
Cobalt Acrylic GobletQuick look
Copper Rum Ration CupQuick look
Personalized Old Fashioned GlassesQuick look
Craft Beer Glass SetQuick look
Boxed Pewter BeakersQuick look
Serving Board & Shot GlassesQuick look
Pewter Fox JiggerQuick look
Books Quote MugQuick look
Fox Portrait MugQuick look
Black Jefferson Silhouette MugQuick look
White Jefferson Silhouette MugQuick look
Flowerpot MugQuick look
Monticello Coffee Travel MugQuick look
Monticello Archaeology Collection MugQuick look
Monticello “Established 1769” Coffee MugQuick look
Canons of Conduct MugQuick look
Thomas Jefferson Signature MugQuick look
Eagle Coffee MugQuick look
Declaration of Independence MugQuick look
Polished Pewter GobletQuick look
Sterling Silver Reproduction Goblet with Gold-washed InteriorQuick look
Sterling Silver Reproduction Cup with Gold-washed InteriorQuick look
Monticello Jefferson CupQuick look
Wine Quote Jefferson CupQuick look
Book Quote Pewter CupQuick look
Liberty Jefferson CupQuick look
Jefferson Cup with UVA SealQuick look
Milk GlassQuick look
Milk BottleQuick look
Fruit Juice GlassQuick look
Monticello Etched MugQuick look
Monticello Etched Blue MugQuick look
Porcelain Winter Scene Tea for OneQuick look
Porcelain Winter Scene MugQuick look
Porcelain Covered MugQuick look
Pineapple Stainless Steel Cocktail TumblerQuick look
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We will wrap your gift in white gift paper, trimmed with red Jefferson signature ribbon and a bow, and include a hand written gift message. The charge is $6.95 per item.

Each item will be wrapped and charged individually. You cannot elect to have multiple quantities wrapped together when ordering through our website. If you wish to do so, please call us at 1-800-243-1743 to place your order.

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