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China Pink (Dianthus chinensis)

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Sold out for the season.
Item #:
Sold out for the season.


Summer-flowering annual or short-lived perennial
Description:  Large, single flowers with fringed petals in colorful patterns of pink and crimson to white shades rise on slender stems above grassy foliage
Habit:  Grows up to 1-2'’ high and forms 1'’ wide clumps
Culture:  Prefers full sun to light shade and well-drained neutral to alkaline soil; tolerates dry conditions; deadhead to prolong blooming period
Hardiness:  Cold hardy through USDA Zone 6
Origin:  China
Attributes:  Drought tolerant, deer resistant, attracts butterflies and bees
Jefferson documented

Thomas Jefferson first planted “Indian Pink” at Shadwell, his birthplace across the Rivanna River from Monticello.  He later planted China Pinks at Monticello in 1807.  This brilliantly colored dianthus blooms throughout the summer and can provide continuous color in the flower border.  Also known as Indian Pink, the species was introduced from China in 1716 and has been cultivated in Europe and America since the early 18th century.  The first American reference to China Pinks occurred in Boston in 1760.  Unlike it's cousins, carnations and grass pinks, this species is not fragrant.  This plant is not attractive to deer.


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