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Cast Iron Fleur-de-lis Garden FenceQuick look
Willow Plant PyramidQuick look
Duke of Gloucester Tin PlateQuick look
Lavender Sachets-by-the-YardQuick look
Seed Packet Box with Heirloom Vegetable SeedsQuick look
Birds Bees and Butterflies Seed CollectionQuick look
Garden Friendship Ring TrayQuick look
Monticello Stemware: Wine GlassQuick look
Snail Flower (<i>Vigna caracalla</i>)Quick look
Sweet Bay Laurel (<i>Laurus nobilis</i>)Quick look
Cardoon (<i>Cynara cardunculus</i>)Quick look
Eastern Red Columbine (<i>Aquilegia canadensis</i>)Quick look
Cockscomb Seeds (<i>Celosia argentea</i> var. <i>cristata</i>)Quick look
Alpine Strawberry Seeds (<i>Fragaria vesca</i>)Quick look
Tennis Ball  Lettuce Seeds (<i>Lactuca sativa</i> cv.)Quick look
Hyacinth Bean Seeds (<i>Dolichos lablab</i>)Quick look
Blue & White Die-Cut PlacematQuick look
Friendship Scented Mug MatsQuick look
Thomas Jefferson's Garden BookQuick look
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Blue Porcelain TulipiereQuick look
Handmade Rush FootstoolQuick look
Library StandQuick look
Folding Library StepsQuick look
Folding Plant StandQuick look
Galileo ThermometerQuick look
Wooden Herb Stakes with Heirloom SeedsQuick look
Blue & White Porcelain Column LampQuick look
Jefferson & Hamilton Socks SetQuick look
Toile Lavender Drawer LinersQuick look
Salted Roasted Virginia Peanuts 40 oz.Quick look
Monticello "Rebellion" Ale TankardQuick look
Pewter Jefferson CupQuick look
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We will wrap your gift in white gift paper, trimmed with red Jefferson signature ribbon and a bow, and include a hand written gift message. The charge is $6.95 per item.

Each item will be wrapped and charged individually. You cannot elect to have multiple quantities wrapped together when ordering through our website. If you wish to do so, please call us at 1-800-243-1743 to place your order.

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