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Bare Root American Linden; American Basswood (Tilia americana)

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Ships March 2024
Item #:
Ships March 2024
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Hardy, deciduous, Eastern North American tree 
Description: Large, dark green, ovate leaves up to 6” with silvery undersides; in early summer, an abundance of small, fragrant, yellowish flowers are paired with papery, leaf-like bracts; small, round, hard fruits form after the flowers 
Habit: Grows 50 to 80-feet high and 30 to 50-feet wide; dense crown becomes rounded with age 
Culture: Prefers full sun to light shade and moist, well drained, fertile soil; tolerates some drought 
Hardiness: USDA Zones 2 through 8
Origin: Eastern North America 
Attributes: Attracts bees and butterflies; Fragrant flowers; Drought tolerant 

Native to a wide range of growing conditions in Eastern North America, this handsome, useful species has long been harvested for its fibrous inner bark and soft, light wood. The flower nectar is very attractive to bees and makes a fine honey, hence the common name Bee Tree, while the dried flowers are used in tea. Thomas Jefferson included “Linden, or lime. Tilia Americana” as an ornamental native in his book, Notes on the State of Virginia (1782).

This plant will ship bare root.  Two year seedling is approximately 18-24" tall. 

Bare root planting tips:

~  If you can't plant immediately, store your plant in a cool location and keep the roots moist or pot in a container with a nursery potting mix from your local garden center.

~  Before planting, let the roots soak for several hours as you prepare the site. You'll want to dig a large enough hole so the root mass can spread out and the plant is at the same soil level as when it was growing in the nursery.

~  Once planted, water it in well and wait a month before fertilizing. Mulching will help to maintain moisture and raise soil temperatures for faster growth.

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