China Rose Winter Radish Seeds (Raphanus sativa)

China Rose Winter Radish Seeds (Raphanus sativa)

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Radishes were regularly grown in the Monticello Kitchen Garden for use in salads. Introduced circa 1850, the China Rose Winter Radish is best when sown in late summer, then harvested after a light frost, and keeps well in cold storage. In Field and Garden Vegetables of America (1865), Fearing Burr noted this radish to be “rather elongated…about five inches in length…skin comparatively fine, and of a bright rose-color; flesh firm, and rather piquant.”

Direct sow seeds every two weeks, beginning in late summer, in well-prepared garden loam. Approximately 60-70 seeds per packet.

Exposure Planting Method Planting Depth Plant Spacing Days to Maturity Size at Maturity
Full Sun Direct Sow 1/4” 4-6”; rows 10” apart 40 5”H

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