Balsam Apple Seeds (Momordica balsamina)
Balsam Apple Seeds (Momordica balsamina)Balsam Apple Seeds (Momordica balsamina)

Balsam Apple Seeds (Momordica balsamina)

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Harvested from the gardens at Monticello.
Thomas Jefferson planted this annual vine along the winding walk flower border at Monticello in the spring of 1810. This curious vine was introduced to Europe in 1568 from the tropical regions of Asia and Africa, where it was used medicinally to treat wounds. An unusual addition to the summer garden, Balsam Apple bears glossy, delicate foliage, small yellow flowers, and bright orange-red fruits that burst open to reveal seeds covered with a brilliant scarlet, sticky coating.

Direct sow seeds outdoors after the last spring frost in a prepared seedbed. Soak seeds for 24 hours before planting and sprout in warm, moist paper towels to improve germination. This vine requires support and prefers warm soils.
Approximately 8-10 seeds per packet.

Exposure Planting Method Planting Depth Plant Spacing Size at Maturity Zone
Full Sun Direct Sow 1/2” 12” apart 10-12’H Tender Annual

Line Drawing from Henderson's Handbook of Plants by Peter Henderson (1890)

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