Music from the Jefferson Collection - An Evening of Songs & Sonatas

Music from the Jefferson Collection - An Evening of Songs & Sonatas

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It is well known that Thomas Jefferson was a keen violinist of some talent, and in 1778, he wrote to Giovanni Fabroni that “music is the favorite passion of my soul.” Music was part of everyday life, in eighteenth century Virginia, for all levels of society. Visitors to Monticello would have either witnessed, or taken part in, musical pursuits, whether performed solo or in ensembles, vocal as well as instrumental. The Monticello music collection, now owned by the Thomas Jefferson Foundation and kept partly at the University of Virginia’s Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library and partly at Monticello itself, is still well preserved, and Jefferson himself catalogued it in very strict detail. This CD attempts to recreate some specific examples of music at Monticello, gathered where there is good evidence that they were part of Jefferson’s own musical experience, either as a performer or listener. Artists include: Theresa Goble (Mezzo-Soprano), Andrew Mullen (Bass-Baritone), David Sariti (Violin), and Bradley Lehman (Harpsichord).

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