American Heritage Grated Chocolate Drink

American Heritage Grated Chocolate Drink

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To trace the history of cocoa and chocolate is to embark on a journey, a wonderful excursion through time and space. Few foods have such a rich social and economic history, one that extends from ancient times to modern manufacturing techniques. Cacao trees that produced the beans – ultimately made into chocolate – first grew in tropical regions of the Americas, originating among the Amerindian cultures of Central and South America. Cocoa and chocolate sold in early 17th and 18th century North America were not in the form of candy bars. Chocolate at that time was prepared as a beverage to be drunk at meal times, sometimes for breakfast, other times for afternoon dinner or evening supper.

Enjoy the taste and aroma of rich hot chocolate blended with authentic spices. Simply follow the instructions on the package to enjoy a chocolate drink the way our ancestors did. The American Heritage Grated Chocolate Drink is also superb for baking in your favorite recipes.

Handcrafted authentic colonial recipe. 12.72 oz.

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