Our handmade silver and bronze jewelry draws inspiration from Thomas Jefferson’s many pursuits, especially his passion for gardening and the natural world. Find garden themed jewelry with blueberries, peapods and dogwood flowers. And nature themed jewelry with dragonflies and lady bugs. Our intaglio selection has the look of antique and vintage jewelry, some embossed with silhouettes similar to Jefferson’s collection of friends and family silhouettes which hang in Monticello’s Family Sitting Room.
Cuff BraceletQuick look
Blueberry NecklaceQuick look
Ivory Intaglio NecklaceQuick look
Grandchildren Quote BraceletQuick look
Three Lady NecklaceQuick look
Personalized Chinese Railing Cuff BraceletQuick look
Apple Green Dragonfly NecklaceQuick look
Ladybug Post EarringsQuick look
Ladybug NecklaceQuick look
Owl NecklaceQuick look
Treble Clef NecklaceQuick look
Sterling Silver Dogwood NecklaceQuick look
Dogwood Post EarringsQuick look
Sterling Silver Dogwood PinQuick look
Twinleaf PinQuick look
Twinleaf Stick PinQuick look
Ginkgo EarringsQuick look
Ginkgo Cuff BraceletQuick look
Ginkgo NecklaceQuick look
Ginkgo Triple-Leaf NecklaceQuick look
Peapod EarringsQuick look
Peapod PinQuick look
Peapod BraceletQuick look
Peapod NecklaceQuick look
Blueberry EarringsQuick look
Blueberry PinQuick look
Blueberry BraceletQuick look
Spiral Geranium PinQuick look
Spiral Geranium NecklaceQuick look
Aqua Dragonfly Post EarringsQuick look
Apple Green Dragonfly Post EarringsQuick look
Aqua Dragonfly NecklaceQuick look
Blue Dragonfly NecklaceQuick look
Little Nest EarringsQuick look
Little Nest NecklaceQuick look
Dogwood Necklace Quick look
Dogwood BraceletQuick look
Dogwood PinQuick look
J'Aime et J'Espere Sterling Silver RingQuick look
Book Quote BraceletQuick look
Wine Intaglio NecklaceQuick look
Aqua Intaglio NecklaceQuick look
Wine Intaglio BraceletQuick look
Aqua Intaglio BraceletQuick look
Ivory Intaglio BraceletQuick look
Small Wine Intaglio EarringsQuick look
Small Aqua Intaglio EarringsQuick look
Small Ivory Intaglio EarringsQuick look
Large Wine Intaglio EarringsQuick look
Large Aqua Intaglio EarringsQuick look
Large Ivory Intaglio EarringsQuick look
Cameo with Bow NecklaceQuick look
Multi-Chain Charm BraceletQuick look
Bow Drop EarringsQuick look
Oval Taupe Cameo EarringsQuick look
U.S. Coin Sampler BraceletQuick look
Jefferson Nickel EarringsQuick look
Jefferson Nickel PendantQuick look
Eggplant Post EarringsQuick look
Teal Drop EarringsQuick look
Cranberry Drop EarringsQuick look
Eggplant/Bottle Green Post EarringsQuick look
Graduated Teal NecklaceQuick look
Graduated Cranberry NecklaceQuick look
Half-Chain Eggplant/Bottle Green Drop NecklaceQuick look
Chinese Railing NecklaceQuick look
Chinese Railing EarringsQuick look
Nickel CufflinksQuick look
Compass CufflinksQuick look
Eagle CufflinksQuick look
Monticello in Moonlight White EarringsQuick look
Monticello in Moonlight Blue EarringsQuick look
Monticello House CharmQuick look
Monticello Garden Pavilion CharmQuick look
Tricorn Hat CharmQuick look
Champeachy Chair CharmQuick look
Charm BraceletQuick look
Gift Wrap Information
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We will wrap your gift in our silver gift paper, trimmed with a red ribbon and bow, and include a hand written gift message. The charge is $6.95 per item.

Each item will be wrapped and charged individually. You cannot elect to have multiple quantities wrapped together when ordering through our website. If you wish to do so, please call us at 1-800-243-1743 to place your order.

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