Jefferson was committed to tree preservation and Monticello is home to many varieties and species. As old Monticello trees succumb to age and illness, we entrust local artisans to reclaim and honor their beauty with handcrafted items. Our collection of unique and historic pieces includes turned wood vases and bowls, wine bottle stoppers, wooden hand carved bowls, and wooden spoons.
Floral Fossil Pottery BowlQuick look
Monticello Tulip Poplar Bottle StopperQuick look
Monticello Tulip Poplar Letter OpenerQuick look
Mulberry Bowl 14-22Quick look
Tulip Poplar Magnifying GlassQuick look
Tulip Poplar Keeping Chest 2015-2Quick look
Tulip Poplar Twist PenQuick look
Mulberry Vase 14-31Quick look
Tulip Poplar Fountain PenQuick look
Tulip Poplar Roller PenQuick look
Mulberry Bowl #18Quick look
Mulberry Bowl 14-15Quick look
Mulberry Bowl 14-22Quick look
Mulberry Bowl 14-23Quick look
Mulberry Bowl # 21Quick look
Mulberry Bowl # 26Quick look
Mulberry Bowl # 28Quick look
Monticello Honey Locust Globe 15-01Quick look
Monticello Honey Locust Globe 15-02Quick look
Monticello Honey Locust Bowl 15-04Quick look
Monticello Walnut Bowl #13-425Quick look
Monticello Walnut Bowl #13-37Quick look
Monticello Walnut Bowl #13-49Quick look
Monticello Walnut Bowl 13-63Quick look
Monticello Walnut Vase and Stand 13-62Quick look
Mulberry Vessel 1Quick look
Tulip Poplar Wine GlassQuick look
Tulip Poplar Champagne FluteQuick look
Tulip Poplar Coffee Table #3Quick look
Video available
Sugar Maple Bowl # 02Quick look
Sugar Maple Bowl # 04Quick look
Sugar Maple Bowl # 3Quick look
Sugar Maple Bowl # 4Quick look
Sugar Maple Bowl # 5Quick look
Sugar Maple Bowl # 7Quick look
Sugar Maple Bowl # 11Quick look
Sugar Maple Bowl # 17Quick look
Sugar Maple Bowl # 23Quick look
Monticello Handcrafted Apple SpoonQuick look
Monticello Handcrafted Apricot SpoonQuick look
Monticello Handcrafted Mulberry SpoonQuick look
Tulip Poplar Keeping Chest 2015-1Quick look
Tulip Poplar Keeping Chest 2015-3Quick look
Tulip Poplar Keeping Chest 2015-4Quick look
Tulip Poplar Keeping Chest 2015-5Quick look
Spalted Curly Maple Keeping Chest 2015-3Quick look
Walnut Keeping Chest 2015-4Quick look
Walnut Keeping Chest 2015-7Quick look
Spalted Maple Keeping Chest 2015-8Quick look
Tulip Poplar II Hors D'oeuvre PlateQuick look
Virginia Alberene Soapstone Cheese BoardQuick look
SALE PRICE: $19.99
Virginia Alberene Soapstone Lazy SusanQuick look
Tulip Poplar Paperweight and MagnifierQuick look
Tulip Poplar Money ClipQuick look
Monticello Tulip Poplar Butterfly HouseQuick look
Monticello Tulip Poplar Bluebird HouseQuick look
Monticello Hobby HorseQuick look
SALE PRICE: $29.99
Handcarved Monticello Tulip Poplar Chess SetQuick look
Onion BottleQuick look
Jefferson French Wine BottleQuick look
Monticello Red Oak Cheese BoardQuick look
SALE PRICE: $99.99
Pipe Box #1404Quick look
Pipe Box #1415Quick look
Handmade 1800s Style Doll 3Quick look
Handmade 1800s Style Doll 4Quick look
Mulberry Gardening Hand TrowelQuick look
Mulberry ScrewdriverQuick look
Monticello Mulberry OrnamentQuick look
Monticello Tablet-back Side ChairQuick look
Monticello Windsor BenchQuick look
Monticello Revolving Arm ChairQuick look
Monticello Revolving TableQuick look
Bronze Jefferson BustQuick look
Tulip Poplar Magnifier NecklaceQuick look
Monticello Red Oak ContainerQuick look
Monticello Red Oak Wine CarrierQuick look
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Each item will be wrapped and charged individually. You cannot elect to have multiple quantities wrapped together when ordering through our website. If you wish to do so, please call us at 1-800-243-1743 to place your order.

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