Stowell's Evergreen White Corn Seeds (Zea mays variety)

Stowell's Evergreen White Corn Seeds (Zea mays variety)

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Regarded as the “king of all white sweet corn varieties,” this home-garden favorite was developed in 1848 by Nathaniel Newman Stowell of Burlington, New Jersey, who crossed the Menomony Soft Corn with Northern Sugar Corn. It was later marketed by Grant Thorburn & Co. in 1856. As its name implies, Stowell’s Evergreen matures slowly, remaining in the milk stage over a long period, and is considered one of the best heirloom varieties for table, canning, and freezing.

Stalks reach 8 feet; is open-pollinated, dependable in the Mid-Atlantic region; matures in 98-100 days.

Approximately 45 seeds per pack.

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