Johnny-jump-up Seeds (Viola tricolor)

Johnny-jump-up Seeds (Viola tricolor)

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Johnny-jump-up, or heart's ease, is a showy annual with small pansy-like flowers, each of them showing three colors: deep purple, yellow, and white. The plant was established in American gardens before 1700, and Jefferson sowed it at Shadwell on April 1, 1767.

Although it is very tolerant of poor growing conditions, Johnny-jump-up does best in part sun and rich, moist soils. Plants grow to ten inches high and bloom in all but the hottest and coldest months of the year. They usually re-seed themselves in gardens where they have once been grown.

Approximately 90 seeds per pack.

Line Drawing from New Britton and Brown Illustrated Flora by H. A. Gleason (1958). zone1, zone2, zone3, zone4, zone5, zone6, zone7, zone8, zone9, zone0

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