'Marrowfat' Pea Seeds (Pisum sativum cv.)

'Marrowfat' Pea Seeds (Pisum sativum cv.)

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Thomas Jefferson regularly planted Marrowfat Peas at Monticello, sometimes twice a year during his retirement from 1809-1826. They ripened later than other garden peas, June 13 in 1820, and were generally eaten dried or made into soups. Garden peas enjoy cool, moist conditions, and should be planted 4"-6" apart in sunny, fertile garden loam a month before the last spring frost date. Monticello gardeners sow them in rows, and support the twining vines with 4' high branches, or “pea sticks.” Harvest in late spring when the pods are plump and tender, or leave on the vines to dry if your goal is a soup pea. 65-70 days to maturity.

Approximately 14-20 seeds per pack.

Sold out for 2014.

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