Games for Young and Old

Games for Young and Old

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Thomas Jefferson enjoyed running races and playing games with his grandchildren on Monticello’s terraces and West Lawn. You’ll have fun galore with these ten classic outdoor games for children (and grown-up children) of all ages. The set includes a whistle, four sets of wooden eggs and spoons, two three-legged race ties, a Frisbee, four bean bags and a rules booklet, all housed in a handsome metal bucket that makes a great bean bag target. Bucket is 10"h x 12" dia.

Our earliest amusements

Following Jefferson's death in 1826, his granddaughter Virginia Randolph Trist wrote letters containing "all my childish recollections of my dear grandfather." The passage below describes games with "grandpapa."

"One of our earliest amusements was in running races on the terrace, or around the lawn. He placed us according to our ages, giving the youngest and smallest the start of all the others by some yards, and so on; and then he raised his arm high, with his white handkerchief in his hand, on which our eager eyes were fixed, and slowly counted three, at which number he dropped the handkerchief, and we started off to finish the race by returning to the starting-place and receiving our reward of dried fruit -- three figs, prunes, or dates to the victor, two to the second, and one to the lagger who came in last."

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